About Us

Unique Energy Hub is a special service being developed for the energy storage and harvesting community. Our aim is to freely bring you all the essential energy information. The current services are energy highlights, uenergypedia and energy jobs.

Energy Highlights

The objective of energy highlights is to allow researchers to throw more light on the recent or old publications that have something unique. Energy storage and harvesting researhers can create highlights of their own publications or of other people’s publications to bring it to the attention of other scientists. Most scientists are not always aware of several other publications directly or indirectly related to their field of expertise. Hence, scientists can glance through such highlights and be well-informed on new developments in a field in no time. This intriguing service also comes with personal benefits for the scientists; scientists are invited to vote for the exciting highlights of each month, the highly-voted highlights will be collected as the Unique Highlights of each month, and the creators of those highlights (not necessarily the authors of the publications) shall be rewarded with a 25 € Amazon gift card for each Unique Highlight of the month. Also, each time your highlight or comment gets 300 reads, you get 5 € Amazon gift card. We have created the Unique Energy Reward Fund (UERF) to reward energy storage and harvesting researchers.


The objective of uenergypedia is to serve as a platform dedicated to discussion on the fundamentals of energy storage and harvesting. Explanation to some topics are presented and users can ask questions for extra clarification. The energy sector is now receiving a lot of attention as a specialization and not all information is easy to come by.

Energy Jobs

The objective of energy jobs is to group all energy-related jobs from around the globe, for easy access. By so doing, people will save energy in their search for energy-related jobs. Mention us if you apply to any job through our site.