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Lithium and lithium-ion batteries

The publication that proves aluminium is the best current collector for cathodes of lithium-ion batteriesBy Neil Amponsah Kyeremateng0 Comments · 52 ReadsLast post by Neil Amponsah Kyeremateng, 1 month ago
By Neil Amponsah Kyeremateng
1 month ago
Overcoming lithium dendrites by electroplating on soft substratesBy Neil Amponsah Kyeremateng0 Comments · 54 ReadsLast post by Neil Amponsah Kyeremateng, 2 months ago
By Neil Amponsah Kyeremateng
2 months ago
Encapsulation of lithium particles: goodbye to dendritesBy Neil Amponsah Kyeremateng0 Comments · 88 ReadsLast post by Neil Amponsah Kyeremateng, 3 months ago
By Neil Amponsah Kyeremateng
3 months ago
The indium remedy for lithium dendritesBy Neil Amponsah Kyeremateng1 Comment · 86 ReadsLast post by Neil Amponsah Kyeremateng, 3 months ago
By Neil Amponsah Kyeremateng
3 months ago
Innovative technique for mechanical Strength monitoringBy maylou0 Comments · 96 ReadsLast post by maylou, 4 months ago
By maylou
4 months ago
An ingenious solution for lithium metal batteriesBy uehmoderator11 Comment · 371 ReadsLast post by uehmoderator18 months ago
By uehmoderator1
8 months ago
A must-read old paper from K. M. AbrahamBy uehmoderator21 Comment · 397 ReadsLast post by uehmoderator28 months ago
By uehmoderator2
8 months ago

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