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How are Specialty LiPo Batteries Made?

specail thin Shaped Battery

Grepow’s Lithium-ion polymer (LiPo) batteries can be specially made to be ultra-small, curved, and ultra-thin–the possibilities are endless! With factories in China that specialize in battery production, Grepow has only continued to grow and work to keep to the high performance expected of its batteries.

We will briefly explore some aspects of the production method of how thesespecialty LiPo batteriesare made at Grepow’s factories.

custom battery manufactures

Temperature and humidity

In South China, the temperatures and humidity levels tend to be high, so it is especially important to strictly regulate the temperature and humidity of the production workshop. There are certain requirements that must be met by Grepow’s batteries, and these vary depending on the requirements of each cell and design. Some examples include performing under extremely high or low temperatures or fast charging.

Air conditioners and dehumidifiers must also be set in the factories.  These machines run for a longer period of time particularly when the electrodes are baked so as to remove any excess moisture.  Low-power industrial dehumidifiers are used during the liquid injection process.

Moreover, our factories are equipped with large-scale industrial dehumidifiers manufactured in Switzerland. Each workshop is thoroughly sealed, and the temperature and humidity are centrally controlled. The cost of only one floor of the workshop is 10 times that of an ordinaryLiPo batteryproduction workshop.


The battery materials need to be stirred evenly without any air bubbles.  Grepow goes a step forward by continuing to maintain the humidity and temperature during high-speed mixing.

battery manufacture Blender

Coating machine

GrepowLiPo batteries must have strong endurance and uniform capacity. This depends on the material coating on both sides of the cathodes and anodes being uniform.

Battery Cell Stacking Process Coating machine


In order to further ensure the consistency of battery life and capacity, it is necessary to further increase the energy density of the cathodes and anodes.

Two pairs of large rollers weigh 12 tons. Under the control of the computer, the gap between the two wheels can be adjusted at any time. The thickness error of the extruded film is 0.0001 mm, ensuring that each battery has the same high capacity density.

After Grepow batteries are produced, they must not only undergo high-temperature aging but also withstand 95% relative humidity at high temperatures. Our engineers also carry out multiple safety tests before packing items for shipment.

Feel free to look through our myriad of specialty items: our high- or low-temperature battery, our quick-charge battery, ourspecial-shaped batteries, and many more!

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