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What are the advantages of the soft pack rectangle battery?

rectangular pouch batteries

The main advantages of rectangular pouch batteries are their thin profile and efficient use of space. The slim rectangular shape adds to better layering and increased flexibility, and they are commonly found in a variety of small electronic devices.

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8 Advantages of choosing rectangular batteries

Li-ion battery pack flexibility

This is a fully assembled battery pack with a built-in BMS as the standard battery module. The modules are assembled in a parallel configuration to increase capacity and in a series, configuration to increase voltage. The built-in BMS can provide an output cable for communication.

Long cycle life

We randomly selected a rectangular pouch cell from our production line. After constant cycling and equivalent acceleration of more than 4400 charging cycles, the 10Ah battery still recorded about 9Ah. After repeated charging, the battery capacity was only reduced by about 10%.


When one rectangular pouch battery fails, the other rectangular pouch battery can simply take over. When you replace a single faulty rectangular pouch battery, the rest of the system can continue to operate normally, thus improving system reliability.

Improved energy storage

Compared to a cylindrical battery, a soft-packed rectangular battery has a much larger capacity to store energy in a given physical space.

Battery cell Stacking vs Winding Techonology


When a cylindrical cell has internal problems, the pressure increases and expands. In those uncommon instances, a soft-packed rectangular battery will only expand.

On the other hand, cylindrical batteries are housed in a steel sleeve. When pressure builds up in a cylindrical battery, the end of the cylindrical battery will be secured by another battery or case and may explode, thus posing a safety hazard.


Generally, the weight of a soft-pack rectangular battery is less than the weight of an equivalent cylindrical battery. Flat soft-pack rectangular cells have a greater energy density than other battery shapes, but they are also much more difficult to manufacture. For this reason, soft-pack rectangular batteries are one of the best products to test a battery manufacturer‘s production capabilities and techniques.

Consistency Rectangular Pouch Batteries

GREPOW‘s entire line of pouch rectangular cells are manufactured on automated equipment using stacking technology. The cells are manually tested to ensure that each cell is up to par, eliminating human error in manual cells and making each cell uniform.

GREPOW lithium battery stacking technology processes

The growing trend of rectangular pouch batteries

As the economy grows, the utilization of soft-packed rectangular batteries continues to rise. Low internal resistance and long battery life reduce the additional cost of battery replacements for customers, which makes these batteries ideal for wearables, smartphones, speakers, and other 3C products.

There is also a growing interest in the safety and energy-density benefits of pouch batteries. The penetration rate of soft-pack batteries in more areas will gradually come to increase.

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